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Thursday 18 December  
Louise Dunne's picture
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hundreds of ‘hidden’ women in Amsterdam

Published on : 6 September 2012 - 10:57am | By Louise Dunne (ANP)
More about:

There are believed to be 200 – 300 ‘hidden’ women living in Amsterdam. A new report called Living in forced isolation describes this number as a cautious estimate and says the actual figure could be much higher.

Researchers from the Verwey Jonker Institute carried out the study commissioned by the Amsterdam city council. They sketch a picture of women shut in at home against their will by husbands or family. These women have virtually no contact with society and rarely go outdoors.

The report identifies two separate groups. The ‘oppressed hidden woman’ group is mainly women from a strict Islamic or Christian culture. They are carefully monitored by their families and community and often resigned to their situation, meaning violence or the threat of violence are less often involved. These women also tend to accept their isolation more because they speak no Dutch and are unaware of their rights in the Netherlands.

The second group of “imprisoned women” are the victims of physical abuse and often literally locked into their homes. Typically these are marriages where the woman has chosen her partner rather than arranged marriages. It includes both women who came to the Netherlands to marry and women who were already living in the country.

The researchers spoke to women who had previously been ‘hidden’ but had broken free of their situation and to people working for various support organisations in Amsterdam. According to the report, by far the biggest group affected are women who have come to the Netherlands to marry. There is a small group of women from immigrant backgrounds born in the Netherlands and a tiny number of native Dutch women.

The Verwey Jonker Institute hopes the report will mean the problems of hidden women are given more priority and that the taboo around the issue in some Dutch Muslim communities will be broken.



Abu Omar 19 September 2012 - 2:31pm / Egypt

Protect Women:

Women are equal to men in terms of human nobility, human character and human rights. Therefore, we should not consider women as means of advertisement to attract the attention of the customers. Hijab is a factor that prevents those disrespectful looks and hinders the family destruction. Even if a person does not believe in Islamic laws and pays no attention to them, he admits that unrestraindness has had destructive harms to the human societies.

Hijab prevents fornication and prostitution from being widespread. So many families have been scattered because of decadence and so many children have become homeless.

The shocking measures of crime and expansion of decadence are due to nakedness and sexual unrestrain. Imam Ali (AS) says: "In the last years which is the worst period of the times, naked women wearing make-up come out. They have come out of the frontier of the religion and have entered troubles and have tendency toward lust. They turn the forbidden to the permissible, and finally will enter the Hell and will be punished forever."

Muslim woman is the symbol of reverence and chastity in the society. Keeping the cover is respecting woman and protecting her from dirty looks. If a woman does not obey Hijab's rules any dirty-minded person (who has a disease in his heart) may offend her by his dirty looks. The character that must be safe and bring up a healthy generation is led to lust under the effect of dirty looks. Then, she forgets her identity and is trapped in the claws of the dirty-minded. She loses her human nature and turns into a beast

Abu Omar 19 September 2012 - 2:25pm / In short a woman is respectable in all her categories in Islam

Islam is a religion of peace and gives respect to all kind and type of human beings. Islam considered women as equivalent to man and gives her rites and respect to live in society. No other civilization gave importance to this only Islam is the religion which is true and gives importance to the rights of women

Islam gives honor to women by making her queen of her home. It is saying of someone that “give me educated moms .I will give u a strong nation.”It is honor of every woman that Islam gave her the value of queen.

Today most of women’s are facing difficulties and facing problems as they are free from their homes. They need freedom once but now they are fully fed up from this type of freedom. What is the reason behind this? Today a whole world can be prosperous and place of peace only and only if women’s adopting their selves according to golden principles of Islam.

I think you need to read more about women in Islam , this like my be help you

Katharina Sri 9 September 2012 - 1:14am

For those who doesn't get my point - I'm trying to argue against this article claiming as if the number of Christian women/girls who face the same brutal oppression as Muslim women/girls arethe same - that is why I asked for the statistic which is strangely not being given!

Anonymous 14 September 2012 - 12:29pm

Is it a matter of numbers or of the kind of religions as ideologies involved? Both state that a woman should follow the husband's will when decisions' time comes and both have played their role in silencing the victims.

Anonymous 16 September 2012 - 7:13am / U.S.A.

Yes, but which Christian culture in NL is demanding that their women be confined to home?

Katharina Sri 9 September 2012 - 1:09am / Germany

What a joke this article is! Give us the real statistic how many Christian women are supposedly imprisoned by their culture! This kind of pathetic leftie political correctness will go on causing Muslim women/girls to be murdered, raped, imprisoned as mere sexual slaves and tortured under Islam! Speak the truths and the Western world can help prevent such injustices towards Muslim women/girls under Islam! But due to the leftie lying propagandas, these Muslim women/girls will be doomed forever in their supposed allah-given destiny!

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