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Friday 19 December  
Bart Weetjens and a HeroRAT
Earth Beat's picture
Mabalane District, Mozambique
Mabalane District, Mozambique

HeroRATS - sniffing out landmines

Published on : 19 September 2011 - 9:35am | By Earth Beat . (Photo: Xavier Rossi/HeroRAT)
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Bart Weetjens got a hamster for his 9th birthday, setting in motion a longstanding fascination with rodents. As time went on Bart discovered that rats’ sense of smell makes them excellent landmine detectors.

Listen here

 Download as MP3 (right-click link and "save as")

A HeroRAT detects a landmine
A HeroRAT detects a landmine
Bart talks to host Marnie Chesterton about how you train HeroRATS and how the rodents have reclaimed previously dangerous land in countries such as Mozambique and Tanzania

This story was taken from the 20 May 2011 edition of Earth Beat - War

Link - APOPO Detection Rats Technology
HeroRATS in action:



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