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Friday 19 December  
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Jannie Schipper's picture
Hilversum, Netherlands
Hilversum, Netherlands

Former Dutch MP warns of hatred for Christians

Published on : 7 February 2012 - 5:59pm | By Jannie Schipper (Photo: ANP)
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A genocide against Christians is going on in the Muslim world. That's according to the Somali-born former Dutch MP and writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali in Newsweek.

According to Ms Hirsi Ali, since the Arab spring, Western governments and media have too often portrayed Muslims as heroes or victims, and they forget that thousands of Christians in Muslim countries are oppressed or murdered because of their faith.

According to the former politician, who now lives in the United States, so-called Islamophobia isn't the same thing as what she calls 'Christophobia': the oppression of Christian minorities in the Islamic world. The fate of Christians and other religious minorities in the Islamic world is at stake, she says.

"The conspiracy of silence about the violent expression of religious intolerance must stop."

Nigeria to Pakistan
The intolerance takes different forms in different places, says Ms Hirsi Ali.

"In some countries it is the government itself, in others rebel groups and militias have displaced Christians from areas where their roots have lain for centuries."

Christians are living in fear in Nigeria, where the Islamist Boko Haram sect killed 54 people in January 2012. In Egypt, at least 30 people died in demonstrations in Cairo in October 2011, when Coptic Christians gathered to protest the burning of a Christian centre that was due to be converted into a church.

In Pakistan, a Christian woman was sentenced to death and a deadly attack took place on a group of Christian social workers. In Sudan, 'Christophobia' has claimed victims for years. Ayaan Hirsi Ali cites these, as well as more examples, to show that Christians are increasingly at risk in the Islamic world.

Not alone
Ayaan Hirsi Ali is not the first to warn of the increasing persecution of Christians. Last year, conservative politician Frits Bolkestein and political scientist Hala Naoum Nehme made the same point in Dutch media. On a list of countries where Christians are persecuted, half of them have a Muslim majority.

These examples need to be put into their proper context, however. "Many examples are from countries where social and political problems affect the entire population," said Taoufik Benyahia of the Amsterdam youth organization Argan. "When there are difficulties, there are always vulnerable minorities."

According to former diplomat and Arabist Petra Stienen, it's "demonstrably untrue" that there's too little attention to the position of Christians. "In the Lower House [of the Dutch parliament] there are actually many more questions about Christian minorities than about other oppressed groups in the Islamic world."

Human Rights Ambassador
The Dutch Foreign Ministry's human rights policy already devotes special attention to religious minorities. A policy paper from 2011 states:

"It is primarily the freedom of religion and belief: the Netherlands continues to actively fight for the protection of religious minorities, including in response to the disturbing increase in violence against Christians in several countries."

After the reports of violence in Nigeria in January, Minister Uri Rosenthal said immediately that Nigeria would be the next destination for the Dutch special ambassador for human rights.

Ms Hirsi Ali would like to see Western countries focus on the rights of religious minorities as a condition for aid and trade agreements. But Mr Benyahia calls this "an error signal".

"It's just as much nonsense as imagining that a Muslim leader would seek relations only with countries that respect the rights of Muslims. It should involve respect for the rights of all inhabitants of a country, not of one specific group."

Petra Stienen adds: "We must avoid looking explicitly at a single group. The big question for Arab countries like Egypt is: how do they deal with pluralism. A civil state should have room for ethnic, religious and other differences."

Ms Hirsi Ali says in Newsweek: "Let's get our priorities right." She doesn't deny that Muslim minorities in Western countries must be protected, while noting that "cartoons, movies and articles are something other than knives, guns and grenades."

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Anonymous 26 September 2013 - 11:59am / France

I think this lady has a very deep trauma which she is avoiding to tackle directly.This woman is a Zionist puppet. If there is a place where the Christians are mascaraed ,it is PALESTINE the birth place of Jesus (PBUH) Ask the Jewish fanatics settlers who have been engaged in ethnic cleansing for more than half a century and they will tell you.Palestinians are also Christians and not only Muslims.But this woman is targeting Muslims because that will help the Zionist state Israel who claims that God gave them the land as if God is an estate agent.I even doubt that this woman is a Somali.She must be an Ethiopian Jewish.After all how could you prove she is a Somali where that country been in wars for almost 60 years.She is a fraudulent woman whose Dutch nationality has already been revoked because of her dodging practices.

saskia 9 February 2012 - 2:28am

This defense of the growing persecution of Christians ,whether by Muslims , or others , is very welcome & long over-due.Thank you , Hirsi Ali .

user avatar
knirb 8 February 2012 - 8:08am

As usual, well articulated thoughts from Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
I do wonder what possessed the writer to include this comment by Mr. Benahia: "When there are difficulties, there are always vulnerable minorities."
When talking about pervasive and increasing violence against Christians (and all non Muslims) in every Muslim land, such a comment seems profoundly inane, and could best be translated to, "Oh Well.”
Similarly empty, is Steinen’s implication that the level of discussion in the Dutch lower house is proof that persecuted Christians in Muslim countries are getting enough support.

SAS 8 February 2012 - 6:13am / USA

Seriously ?

This coming from a former Somali asylum seeker who fabricated just about every detail of her life story in order to obtain refuge in the Netherlands and cocked up wild stories about her family trying to kill her ?

This coming from an anti Muslim activist who made a career out of herself by attacking Islam and vilifying Muslims and joining the American Enterprise Institute which fabricated the war on Iraq which caused the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqis, both Christian and Muslim.

Or the same Ayaan Hirsi Ali who openly supports Israel, with its long and ignoble record of persecuting both Muslim and Christian Palestinians.

A defence of the Muslim world's Christians would actually be quite welcome if it were not coming from a character as fraudulent as Hirsi Ali.

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