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Monday 24 November  
Still from TV series Burying Girls Alive
Hilversum, Netherlands
Hilversum, Netherlands

Child marriage: legalised rape?

Published on : 19 July 2013 - 9:21am | By RNW Arab Desk ((C) Youtube)
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Child marriage is a hot topic in the Arab world at the moment – as the amount of discussion on social media shows.“Child marriage is a form of rape that is not recognised by the legislature. The criminal remains at large while the voice of the victim isn't heard.” “Pedophilia is illegal under Iraqi law, while religion and tradition glorify it”. 

It’s commonly believed that forced and child marriage are most common in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Egypt, but there was surprising news recently: Iraq is one of the worst offenders amongst Arab countries. last week. The Iraqi minister of planning and cooperative development, Ali Shukri, said in an interview that “even in Iraq, 11% of women marry before they turn 18. The pregnancy of minors causes important health problems in the country.” For the minister, the solution would be “a UN resolution, in order to control the worldwide rise of the population and to set a minimum age for marriage”. “What does this mean [though]?” a journalist asked him on Facebook. “Should child marriage be subject to Chapter VII for example?” 

The situation is similar across the Arab world. But, in Sudan for example, the number of child marriages keeps on rising because family law doesn't protect women, and some fatwas [legal advice based on Islamic law] support the marriage of girls who have not even reached their teens.

TV series
An Egyptian TV series called Burying Girls Alive, shown on one of the satellite channels during Ramadan, has brought the discussion about child marriage into the open. It illustrates the problem by showing an old man simply buying his teenage bride and taking advantage of poverty and ignorance.

Child marriage takes place either in the name of religion or because of financial problems and is a problem that afflicts a large segment of the population in Arab societies. Young girls are the victims, but they often only realise the true harshness of their lives when they wake up as young, divorced mothers before they turn twenty.

Mixed reactions
An old man marrying a girl who could be his granddaughter and hoping to marry even more young girls. Images of the dead corpse of a bride in a bloodstained wedding dress, not even 9 years old and brutally violated. Such scenes have evoked strong reactions, with some viewers questioning how the makers could justify using such young actresses for these roles.

The series has caused massive controversy and discussion on Twitter and Facebook from its first episode. Some condemn it with reactions such as:  “I want to know what kind of sick person is able to watch this series!!” and “This series is not appropriate for children. My daughter saw the first episode and she's asking questions I can't answer.”

Others, however, recognise the importance of the series’ subject: “My entire body trembles after seeing this, even if this nightmare is only a reality for some of us” or “The series tells a story that can't be ignored. Between and because of money and desire, young girls lose their futures.”


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ato 27 September 2014 - 3:07pm / indonesia Horrible! This is just a way to pass the laws. Where is the gorvenment? Why don't thay just stop bapa mana bapa wakwawwwww

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Steve Jacobs 9 September 2014 - 7:18am

I cant believe this can be happened. What we should do to make this stop?
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Steve Jacobs 9 September 2014 - 7:13am

No there is something you see every day in such area of sick dominance & life/youth stealing. On wondering as how , where , when , is this justified as she being 92 and she 22 , but the sicker it gets is when ages of 3 onwards are considered brides or merely toys for pleasure and ego , where in other countries such as Pakistan , a 17 year old was chained to a bed and used for prostitution by her own mother , a wife was sold for goat (yes for goats) killing of about 1200 new born baby girls killed in barbaric manners & at times thrown in rubbish bins alive to be eaten by wild animals just because of the child being illegal or being female , acid scaring , raping of toddlers 7 children below ages of 12 , child brides , sold for prostitution & porn movies to other countries , young boys being used for sex the same boys trained for dancing (at times killed) , a young girl raped for refusing to convert her religion , young boys aged 6,7,8,9 & 14 used as suicide bombers , young girls aged 7 , 10 , 12 sold or forced to get married either raped , used for prostitution , children chained in basements like animals , clerics raping children who they were suppose to teach , & reports even exposing sexual crimes

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