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Thursday 18 December  

Bo tribe extinct

Published on 4 February 2010 - 7:54pm
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The Andaman Islands' Bo tribe became extinct last week when the last member died at the age of 85 says Survival International. The organisation works to protect tribal peoples threatened with extinction.


The Bo are thought to have lived on India's Andaman Islands, an island chain in the Gulf of Bengal, for around 65,000 years. They are considered to be the descendants of one of the oldest human cultures on the planet.

The death of 85-year-old Boa Senior also marks the death of Bo as a language. She was the last known speaker of one of the 10 Great Andamanese languages. Boa Senior was the oldest member of the surviving Great Andamanese, who now number just 52 people.

The Great Andamanese were originally 10 distinct tribes, which included the Bo, and they numbered around 5,000 when the Andaman Islands were colonised by the British in 1858. Most of them were killed or died from diseases brought by the colonisers. The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami killed many on the Andaman Islands including members of the Great Andamanese.




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