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Thursday 24 April  
Problem youths
Rob Kievit's picture
Utrecht, Netherlands
Utrecht, Netherlands

Better-integrated Moroccans are more criminal

Published on : 8 September 2009 - 9:09am | By Rob Kievit
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Dutch-Moroccan teenagers who commit offences turn out to be better integrated into society than their peers who stay out of trouble with the police, research by Utrecht University has found.

Sociologists Gonneke Stevens, Violaine Veen and Wilma Volleberg say in a report that well-integrated Moroccan boys become frustrated because they are often not accepted in Dutch society. The report will be presented in Amsterdam on Tuesday.

The academics' research has also shown that boys of Moroccan immigrant origin break the law more often than their Dutch peers, but that the offences are less serious. Dutch-Moroccan youths are more frequently involved in offences against property, but less so in serious violence and in sex crimes, the researchers say.

The findings appear to contradict the old adage that the more people feel connected with a social group, the less they are inclined to criminal behaviour. Gonneke Stevens thinks that teenagers who focus strongly on the Netherlands culture are more affected by the prevailing negative depiction of Moroccan youths. This creates a frustration that could lead to criminal behaviour, she thinks.

Or could there be another explanation? Do the young Dutch-Moroccans give in to the temptations of money and possessions? This is what Sadik Harchaoui, the director of the multicultural interest organisation Forum, thinks:

"If the core issue is social frustration, as the researchers say, then I would rather expect these teenagers to smash in a telephone booth or to molest a passer-by. But in fact they are focusing on money, because they want to be part of society they try to increase their social status. And they they think they can do so by possessing lots of money and beautiful objects."

What we have, is actually an "integration paradox", Mr Harchaoui says: "The better your socio-cultural integration, the more likely you are to resort to thieving while you have no job."

So find a job or stay at school, appears to be the best approach, given that unemployment among young Dutch-Moroccans is about to reach 30 percent. Many of them leave school prematurely.

Higher social status
The social status of the parents of the Dutch-Moroccan offenders turned out to be higher than that of non-offenders' parents, in terms of income, employment and eductation. Conversely, the parents of Dutch offenders have a lower than average social status.

In the survey, 150 Dutch-Moroccan and 150 Dutch teenage boys between the ages of 12 and 18 held in precautionary detention were compared to 500 non-detainees. The researchers also had access to data supplied by the Justice Ministry, and spoke to the parents of each of the teenagers.

(Interviews by Laurens Nijzink)

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Haywood Zerkle 26 March 2011 - 5:21am

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Criminal Law 20 November 2010 - 2:47pm

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Anonymous 15 July 2010 - 11:26am / greece

arabs must be expelled from holland immediately!!
they r weak, cowards ad they afraid of macho greek, italian, spanish men.
we kick their asses and they know that!!!!!
they r gays

so call them girls and mrs, they lie it
to conclude, kick them out of europe.
send them to hell where they belong
muslims gays

Russ 10 September 2009 - 4:06pm
It's funny that the "White," liberal, pinhead fools interpreting the data determine that Moroccan criminality is a result of White racism and that Whites must convert to the religion of White-hating "Liberalism" (whose main tenet is White abnegation), in order to fix the problem. Whereas the "brown," liberal, pinhead fools interpreting the data conclude that Moroccan criminality is a result of White culture and that Whites must convert to the religion of Islam (whose main tenet is White submission), in order to fix the problem. The fact of the matter is that it is the imposition of these alien invaders on the indigenous Dutch that is the problem. The newly arrived Moroccans have a sense of wrong-doing (they understand that invading another country against the will of the people is wrong) an guilt so they are very leery of standing-out because they instinctively believe that the native Dutch will punish them. As they become integrated into the society they come to understand that the the natives are weak and incapable of defending themselves, so they become emboldened in their criminal attacks against them. The only solution to this problem is to close the borders and eject the foreign invaders. Any that are allowed to stay must be forced to conform to Dutch standards. PERIOD.
Steve 10 September 2009 - 4:29pm
Russ, if you tell immigrants they must conform to Dutch standards if they live in the NL you are called a fascist, racist, neo-Nazi, etc. Look at what Geert Wilders has to go through (criminal prosecution, refused admittance to the UK, et. al.). Even in one of his "controversial" interviews, where the "progressive" left says he wants to deport all immigrants, he actually states those who want to follow Dutch laws and conform to Dutch culture are welcome to stay, and the Dutch government should help them integrate. Since when does "progressive" mean converting an advanced society to one similar to how people lived in 900 BC? I think the European political elite need to look up the definitions of "progressive" and "regressive" (and maybe destructive) to see which word they should actually be using for their forced social experiment.
sandra 9 September 2009 - 7:43am
Well, if these kids are born in the the Netherlands, we can´t say go back to where they came from, that would be kind of silly since this is the only country they truly know and really belong to. Perhaps we should look at ourselves a little closer and be honest. If we treated everyone equally and stopped nagging about certain groups of people just to get negative reactions from politicians so we get our kicks and laughs out of it, perhaps there would be a less divided Netherlands of a US and THEM attitude and a more united modern way of democracy. Lately, the discrimination in the news media and among people in the open has been so bad that I am ashamed to be Dutch. It brings me back to what it was like before world war 2. Those of us who have families that were stigmatized and slowly lost their rights do to hatred because of being jewish should remember how the Dutch treated us and then later blamed the Germans for everything. Many Dutch people went along with the hatred and discrimination and those who are still living along with their families and younger generation know perfectly well, we will never forget them. Lets not allow this to happen to another group of people because of their ethnic background and religion. I believe this research is more then valid and I am sure some of you will try to grasp at straws to find excuses but, in the end lets be honest, it is pure hatred and discrimination and we know it. We need to stop lying to ourselves and say enough is enough. If we end up in another world war, we cannot blame the Germans this time and we can kiss the Netherlands goodbye along with Europe because nobody is going to tolerate a second time Europe.
Monkey 17 February 2010 - 3:22am

The ones who where not born here did leave their country

So the ones that where born here can leave this country

Shirley 8 September 2009 - 4:10pm
What do the researchers mean by integrated? It is such a complex issue. Does it mean they speak Dutch or eat hutspot or what? And is any survey based on so few respondents really valid?
Hiram 8 September 2009 - 2:58pm
"Dutch-Moroccan teenagers who commit offences turn out to be better integrated into society than their peers who stay out of trouble with the police, research by Utrecht University has found.".......Two reasons might be: They commit the offences because they are integrated and they know the legal system of the Netherlands. Second, they act out of peer pressure. { The excuse they are not accepted by the Dutch society is weak. If they are better integrated, one would could conclude they were more likely not to break the laws. The excuse of the Dutch society is further down the line of excuses. Moroccans who want their family members to succeed should not move into areas consisting of nothing but Moroccans but intergrate into non-Moroccan neighbourhoods. This way they get a chance to experience the Dutch society. Stop blaming the Dutch society for everything that goes wrong with your life. If you hate the Dutch so much, you might want to leave and go back from where you came. I am sure life is better there. Who are you going to blame for your failure then?

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