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Friday 19 December  
Anne Frank
Rob Kievit's picture
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Author denies allusions to Anne Frank having sex

Published on : 22 June 2010 - 11:46am | By Rob Kievit (Photo: Anne Frank Foundation)
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The Anne Frank Foundation has reacted with dismay to a novel suggesting that the Jewish girl had sex with a boyfriend during her time in hiding in World War II.

The novel by British author Sharon Dogar is a fictional retelling of Anne's relationship with Peter van Pels, seen from his point of view. He was the son of Anne's neighbours, who were sharing the Amsterdam hideout where Anne's family had sought refuge to escape persecution by the Nazi occupiers of the Netherlands.

"It's tasteless, there are no words to decribe it. It looks like sensationalism using the name of Anne Frank," a spokeswoman for the foundation said on Monday. There is no indication at all in Anne's published diary that she had any sexual relations, the spokeswoman said. "It's a beautiful, frank and pure diary," she added. The book is entitled "Annexed", after the annex of the office building where the family was hiding. The novel was described in last weekend's Sunday Times.

No sex
The book’s author Sharon Dogar issued a statement on Monday saying that she had not suggested that the two teenagers were involved in a sexual relationship. She criticised the Sunday Times article for its approach.

“I’m afraid people may have fallen into the trap of believing what you read in the papers. I’m so sorry that the article has upset people, but then again, that’s what it’s designed to do. (...) At no stage in my book, now, or ever, have I suggested that Anne and Peter had sex. It would be so helpful if people could reserve judgment until having read the book.”

Romantic feelings
The New York Daily News reported last weekend how Ms Dogar had reread Anne Frank's diary and drew the conclusion that Anne and Peter must have slept together. Anne, who turned 13 when she went into hiding in 1942 for two years, only wrote in her diary that for a while she had romantic feelings for Peter, who was one year her senior.

The only surviving cousin of Anne, Buddy Elias, told the Sunday Times that he does not recognise the portrait of Anne and Peter sketched by Sharon Dogar's novel. “Anne was not the child she is in this book. I also do not think that their terrible destiny should be used to invent some fictitious story”, he told the paper.

Anne Frank died in the Nazi concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen early in 1945.


joelle esther benyayer 29 June 2010 - 5:43pm / france (south of france)

well we all know what like in second world war people need to hide them self ;;;;today is different i been in nderland i was in love of two dutchs man a couple of years with ronald shouten van velden in bussum play music like me and andre van heneigen;;;;i think about anne frenck like me she was jewish like me because she was jewish she be victim of untolerance;;;;;;when i was in nederland i read in dutch an article about gertrud know ann franck family a dutch woman;;;;was an interview;;;;me in south of france i been successevely of physical agression face dammage teeth all papers computer camera artistic works stolen and a police from fréjus tell me bertrand guerin if you carryone like this you will finish in historic manuel well not nice because i only ask investigation another one in saint raphael when i declare some papers of jewish communauty be stolen at my place come with palestinian foulard ok it place for the two country but still but provocation and hates of jewish people today im in danger i make a cd music new york ne repond out one of the song talk about 9/11 impossible to difuss sorry i in sacem and i wroter only in english so impossible for the police to help impossible to the mayor to help impossible to difuss my music impossible to live normal because the var is from the front national extreme rightd and worst a website neo nazis be shut a couple of months ago promoted the ideology of nazies by musics so what i can expect i dont what it is but some drugs be put in my body dammage my skins and hairs i know the police and the army got some product from nederland or germany the frenchs used for jewish in this area new fashion read and please publish the neo nazi is not dead he got another face more correct i stay months without any phone small food now you can reach me phone number the father of my ex boy friend andre van heneigen work in sicks house may be he know or can ask;;;Joelle esthre benyayer

jasmin 28 June 2010 - 1:12pm / India

Shame that Anne Frank is being abused by people for their benefit. Wonder if it is a book promotion gimmick of a wicked kind! You never know these days, even negative publicity is a tool to make a book a bestseller..

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