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Saturday 20 December  
Cradle to Grave tells the life story of the average person in Britain through th
Earth Beat's picture
London, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom

A life story in pills

Published on : 31 October 2011 - 1:21pm | By Earth Beat . (Photo: Pharmacopoeia)
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There’s no denying it. The older we get, the more medication we take. Whether it’s for aching joints, high blood pressure, the menopause or cancer. Prescribed or not, our pill intake increases with our age.

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For the past few years, the British Museum has been exhibiting a 13-metre long blanket made up of the 14,000 pills, tablets, lozenges and capsules that the average person in Britain takes in their lifetime. It’s the chance to see the journey of someone’s life through the medication they take.

Dr Liz Lee, who collaborated on the Cradle to Grave project with two artists, joins host Marnie Chesterton in the studio.
Link - Wieg tot Graf: Cradle to Grave in the Netherlands
Taken from the latest edition of Earth Beat - Living Longer.
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  • From left, David Critchley, Dr. Liz Lee, Susie Freeman in front of the Cradle to Grave exhibit<br>&copy; Photo: Cradle to Grave/Tom Lee -
  • The Cradle to Grave exhibit at the British Museum<br>&copy; Photo: Cradle to Grave/Tom Lee -
  • Cradle to Grave tells the life story of the average person in Britain through the medication they take<br>&copy; Photo: Pharmacopoeia -
  • Susie Freeman sewing together Cradle to Grave<br>&copy; Photo: Cradle to Grave/David Critchley -
  • Susie Freeman working on the Dutch version of Cradle to Grave, &quot;Wieg tot Graf&quot; in London studio 2010<br>&copy; Photo: Cradle to Grave/Tom Lee -
  • Dutch version of Cradle to Grave &#039;Wieg tot Graf&#039; shown at Niet Normaal, Beurs van Berlage 2009/10<br>&copy; Photo: Cradle to Grave/Tom Lee -


jasmin 3 February 2011 - 3:27pm / India


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