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Wednesday 23 July  
I'm in love with my teacher
I'm in love with my teacher
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

I'm in love with my teacher

Teachers and high school students are having romantic relationships, whether we want it or not. The question is: is it a bad thing when teachers and their pupils are in love with each other? And should
Teacher-cum-boda-boda driver on his motorcycle carrying students
Teacher-cum-boda-boda driver on his motorcycle carrying students
Bukudea, Uganda
Bukudea, Uganda

Uganda’s white-collar motorcycle taxi drivers

Ugandan authorities are grappling with a new kind of problem: school teachers dodging classes to operate a motorcycle taxi business. By Joseph Elunya, Bukudea More and more teachers – among the
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An Internally Displaced Person (IDP) child cries as his mother tries to console him in Mugunga IDP camp near Goma, eastern DRC, 28 November 2012.
Netherlands Netherlands Article: DRC: Hope for kids in Kinshasa

Article: DRC: Hope for kids in Kinshasa

Despite horrific abuses perpetrated against women and children, the atrocities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) rarely make international headlines. By Carolyn Miles, as published by our partner AllAfrica

Article: Does the "non-partisan" soldier exist in Uganda?

A photo many say is of the back a Uganda People’s Defense Forces soldier wearing a pro-NRM T-shirt has been brewing a lot of controversy on Facebook. Our blogger in Uganda takes a look at what’s behind it.

Article: World Press Freedom Day: it's for editors too

3 May marks World Press Freedom Day. In 1993, the UN General Assembly proclaimed this as a day on which to celebrate the principles of press freedom and the people behind it.


Africa is booming. Even more so now that some governments are rebasing – basically a fancy way of saying improving your country's economic figures. Nigeria and Ghana have done it and Kenya is next.

Article: Rwanda's first ice cream shop, a soothing success

From all across Rwanda, and even from parts of neighbouring Burundi, people flock to the southern town of Butare to a little shop called Inzozi Nziza: Rwanda’s first-ever ice cream store. By Amy Fallon, Butare

Article: Terrorism in Nigeria becoming alarmingly commonplace

Nigerians are beginning to adjust to the sad reality that they live in a country where suicide bombers and terrorists could be lurking around the next corner thanks to a ready supply of advanced weapons smuggled through the country’s

Article: A Nigerian-Guinean Spaniard calls citizens of the world to unite

‘Ciudadano del mundo’ – citizen of the world – is the title of a multilingual song about unity by the musician Vince. “If the message is in many languages, it will reach more people,” he says.

Article: Zimbabwe: 'Journalist jail sentence signals ongoing media repression'

The jail sentence slapped on the editor of a Zimbabwean community newspaper signals an ongoing culture of media repression under Zanu-PF, the party of long-term President Robert Mugabe, or so says exiled journalist Tanonoka Whande.

Article: “Museveni has overstayed,” says NRM youth leader, jailed earlier this month

Over the last month, youth leaders from Uganda’s ruling National Resistance Movement have been rounded up by the police.

Article: Violence in South Sudan at a turning point

After a week that saw a massacre inside a UN base and wide-scale ethnic-based slaughter in an oil-producing region, the international community is grappling with what, if any, options remain to save lives in South Sudan.

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