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Sunday 20 April  
What's Up Africa
What's Up Africa


For many people, despite huge economic growth across the continent, the African Union is not doing enough to tackle the challenges facing Africans today. It's almost as if Africa's leaders treat the
Cartoon of the week
Cartoon of the week

The Passion of the African Christ

Many Christians are concluding their observation of Holy Week, which culminates in Jesus' crucifixion and death. Cartoonist Damien Glez imagined what the scene might have looked like had it occurred
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Article: Heroes' Day in Rwanda: An ode to the giants who got me home

1 February marked Rwanda’s 19th National Heroes Day. Our blogger in Kigali reflects on its very personal meaning for him. By Sunny Ntayombya, Kigali

Article: Quail eggs in Africa: quack or quick?

Cartoonist Ogo Ubabukoh says about this cartoon: "Recently, some fastidious Africans have marketed quail eggs and meat as wonder drugs against all kinds of sicknesses.

Article: My Song: The life lessons of a bad relationship

Zimbabwean singer Tererai Mugwadi was happily in love until she discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her. Then she got word that the other woman died in a car accident.

Article: How Gortel in South Sudan surfs the web

How do you surf the web? RNW posed this question to readers around the world. This week we bring you an interactive portrait of Gortel in Juba, South Sudan.


Take cover, there's a big, bad war breaking out in Africa! Western drug companies AKA Big Pharma are finding new markets where they can keep raking in huge profits.

Article: Being gay in Nigeria now

When President Goodluck Jonathan signed Nigeria’s Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act earlier this month, human rights groups around the world cried outrage. But how do homosexuals in Nigeria feel?


How do you win the affection of Africa? Ask Japan and China, two contestants on an epic new dating show presented by your host-with-the most, Naija's international love machine D'Lanre (AKA Ikenna Azuike).

Article: At Davos, Western stars give Africa a push

This week, business and political bigwigs gathered in Davos for the World Economic Forum's annual meeting.

Video: Ugandan rapper Burney MC's own walk to work

In April 2011, when Ugandans began ditching their cars and public transport to protest disputed elections and rising food and gas prices, Burney MC was getting inspired.

Article: How Givemore in Zimbabwe surfs the web

How do you surf the web? RNW posed this question to readers around the world. This week we bring you an interactive portrait of Givemore from Harare, Zimbabwe.

Video highlights

My Song: Mista Poa's dreams for a better DR Congo
Eastern DRC has long been wrought by armed conflicts, killing and...
Naija's most extrovert evangelical preacher, Pastor Azuike, hits the...