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Friday 1 August  
Nairobi slum
Nairobi slum
Nairobi, Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya: gang rape victim wished for her child's death

During the 2007/8 post-election violence in Kenya, Elizabeth fell victim to gang rape. As a result, she became mother of Neema, now six years old. Elizabeth is trying to come to terms with motherhood, and has
RNW invited gay rights activists from seven countries around the world to participate in the Amsterdam Gay Pride 2014
RNW invited gay rights activists from seven countries around the world to participate in the Amsterdam Gay Pride 2014
Hilversum, Netherlands
Hilversum, Netherlands

Stop the gay-bashing. Africa should focus on other things

RNW Blogger Shaun Matsheza explains why he believes that 'what every raging homophobe needs is to sit down and talk to someone who is on the receiving end of their vitriol.'  By Shaun
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Video: My Song: MC Wang Jok and the evil spirit

Ugandan rapper MC Wang Jok, a member of rap crew Bila Wa Movement, woke up one night from a strange dream. An evil spirit told him to close the door because he was in danger.

Article: Young and unemployed? Move to the city, says study

Effectively-managed cities can help provide jobs for South Africa's millions of unemployed young people, suggests a new report from one of the country's development think tanks. As published by our partner AllAfrica 

Article: International Day Against Homophobia

Today is International Day Against Homophobia. Every year on May 17, People around the world rally against the discrimination of gays and lesbians.

Article: After anti-gay law, Uganda now criminalises HIV transmission

Ugandan AIDS bodies and campaigners have warned that the “ugly clauses” of an HIV bill passed by Parliament late Tuesday, which includes the criminalisation of the “wilful and intentional” transmission of the disease

Article: Photo series: African art for an African audience

The residents of Goma in eastern DRC don’t take much interest in local artists and their work. Buying art remains a luxury only tourists can afford. But Congolese artists are determined to make their work accessible for all.

Article: South Sudan’s livestock threatens natural resources

In South Sudan, the 11.7 million cattle, 12.4 million goats and 12.1 sheep easily outnumber the 13 million human population. Experts say the large numbers of livestock are posing a threat to the environment.

Article: Nigeria's Boko Haram begins to destabilise Cameroon

Senior defence officials say that Cameroon has been infiltrated by Nigeria’s Islamist extremist group Boko Haram and there are fears that this central African nation, known for its stability, is drifting into chaos.

How to use a femidom?
Congo (Kinshasa) Congo (Kinshasa) Article: Female condom not a hit among Goma women

Article: Female condom not a hit among Goma women

“What are you talking about?” That’s a common response from young women in Goma when they’re asked about the femidom. By Thierry Kayandi, Goma

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My Song: Dropping rhymes to promote girl power
At age 7, Congolese rapper Oracle was forced to leave her parental home in...
My Song: Patience Musa's road to self-discovery
After going through disappointing relationships with friends and business...
Boko Haram's attacks across Nigeria continue relentlessly. Their brazen...