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Friday 25 July  
30-year-old Godfrey from Chitungwiza is very active on Facebook
30-year-old Godfrey from Chitungwiza is very active on Facebook
Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe
Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

How Godfrey in Zimbabwe surfs the web

How do you surf the web? RNW posed this question to readers around the world. This week we bring you an interactive portrait of Godfrey from Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. Use your mouse to hover over the icons and
Sunday Bekunda
Sunday Bekunda
Kampala, Uganda
Kampala, Uganda

Ugandan student forced into porn now under threat

A Ugandan university student who was trafficked and forced to act in porn films vows to continue with the campaign against human trafficking in spite of threats. By Joseph Elunya, Kampala As RNW reported
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Article: Hundreds of Zimbabweans caught daily trying to escape into South Africa

The economic meltdown is driving hundreds of Zimbabweans into South Africa every day, amid reports that authorities are struggling to police illegal crossing points. By Nomalanga Moyo, as published by our partner SW Radio Africa 

Article: Burundian women are banging the drums

For the first time in history, Burundian women have taken up playing traditional drums.

Article: Uganda's moral crusader Simon Lokodo: "The whites are spreading pornography and homosexuality"

Uganda’s Minister of Ethics and Integrity Simon Lokodo has no shortage of critics. A driving force of the conservative movement, Lokodo keeps making international headlines and remains unapologetic for it.

Article: South Sudan violence: women and girls suffer the most

As with many conflicts and other humanitarian emergencies around the world, those who suffer the most are women, young girls and children. The current terrible crisis in South Sudan offers no exception. 

Article: Public display of affection? Not in Nigeria

In many cities in Africa, if you’re out with your better half, you may want to keep your affection for each other hidden from everyone else. Things such as kissing, hugging or petting - even between married couples – aren&r

Video: My Song: MC Wang Jok and the evil spirit

Ugandan rapper MC Wang Jok, a member of rap crew Bila Wa Movement, woke up one night from a strange dream. An evil spirit told him to close the door because he was in danger.

Article: Young and unemployed? Move to the city, says study

Effectively-managed cities can help provide jobs for South Africa's millions of unemployed young people, suggests a new report from one of the country's development think tanks. As published by our partner AllAfrica 

Article: International Day Against Homophobia

Today is International Day Against Homophobia. Every year on May 17, People around the world rally against the discrimination of gays and lesbians.

Article: After anti-gay law, Uganda now criminalises HIV transmission

Ugandan AIDS bodies and campaigners have warned that the “ugly clauses” of an HIV bill passed by Parliament late Tuesday, which includes the criminalisation of the “wilful and intentional” transmission of the disease

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