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Thursday 17 April  
Claudine Umuhoza
Claudine Umuhoza
Kigali, Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda

Trauma still fresh for Rwanda's survivors of genocidal rape

Claudine Umuhoza’s son turned 19 this April 1. And while he may be one of at least thousands of children who were conceived during the Rwandan genocide, he’s not officially classified as a survivor
Kigali, Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda

Rwanda's reconciliation and press freedom: a work in progress

Our blogger in Kigali responds to recent media commentary on Rwanda's lack of civil and political development. By Sunny Ntayombya, Kigali
Urban farming: cushioning food insecurities
Urban farming: cushioning food insecurities
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's urban farmers combat food insecurity - illegally

Residents in Bulawayo's high density urban suburbs have taken to farming vacant plots of land after last year's unexpected rains, thereby cushioning themselves against rising food costs and insecurity.
Crossing the ethnic divide through love.
Crossing the ethnic divide through love.
Bujumbura, Burundi
Bujumbura, Burundi

Burundi's interethnic relations: a shift in perception

For Burundi's Hutus and Tutsis, past decades have been marked by civil wars and massacres. This antagonism has long made interethnic marriage almost impossible. But now a new generation is showing a
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Article: Mugabe's warm welcome for first Zimbabwean Olympic skier

For the first time ever, Zimbabweans will be represented in the Winter Olympics. This is thanks to Luke Steyn, a 20-year-old Alpine skier who war born in Harare and grew up in Switzerland. 

Article: My Song: Lion Story battle Burundi's injustices with reggae

Over the years, Lion Story have become a veritable megaphone for the people of Burundi. Loved by their fans and hated by the authorities, the group uses reggae to loudly say what many others hush up.

Netherlands Netherlands Article: BILL GATES ON AID


Bill Gates just published his annual 'Gates Letter' dispelling the "myths" about foreign aid. Ikenna thinks Bill's s views are uncannily similar to the Microsoft approach to business.

Former ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo before his interview with The Hague Trials Kenya
Netherlands Netherlands Article: Ocampo Exclusive

Article: Ocampo Exclusive

Last month Luis Moreno Ocampo gave his first media interview on the Kenyan trials since leaving office at the International Criminal Court, where he held the position of chief prosecutor from 2003 to 2012.

Article: The Hague that's many miles away from the Netherlands

After the ICC Office of the Prosecutor initiated investigations in Kenya, the names of key court personalities started cropping up across the nation. Suddenly, children were being called Ekaterina and Luis Moreno.

Article: Heroes' Day in Rwanda: An ode to the giants who got me home

1 February marked Rwanda’s 19th National Heroes Day. Our blogger in Kigali reflects on its very personal meaning for him. By Sunny Ntayombya, Kigali

Article: Quail eggs in Africa: quack or quick?

Cartoonist Ogo Ubabukoh says about this cartoon: "Recently, some fastidious Africans have marketed quail eggs and meat as wonder drugs against all kinds of sicknesses.

Article: My Song: The life lessons of a bad relationship

Zimbabwean singer Tererai Mugwadi was happily in love until she discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her. Then she got word that the other woman died in a car accident.

Article: How Gortel in South Sudan surfs the web

How do you surf the web? RNW posed this question to readers around the world. This week we bring you an interactive portrait of Gortel in Juba, South Sudan.


Take cover, there's a big, bad war breaking out in Africa! Western drug companies AKA Big Pharma are finding new markets where they can keep raking in huge profits.

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