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Wednesday 23 April  
A 16-year-old domestic worker in Harare
A 16-year-old domestic worker in Harare
Harare, Zimbabwe
Harare, Zimbabwe

A 16-year-old domestic worker in Harare

It’s not uncommon for poverty-stricken youth in rural Zimbabwe to find work as housemaids and gardeners in the city. While urban households thrive on the affordable services, these young domestic workers
Members of the White Army, a South Sudanese anti-government militia, attend a rally in Nasir on April 14, 2014.
Members of the White Army, a South Sudanese anti-government militia, attend a rally in Nasir on April 14, 2014.
Juba, South Sudan
Juba, South Sudan

South Sudan dictates media coverage of conflict

“Don’t interview rebels,” South Sudan’s Information Minister Michael Makuei Lueth told reporters. Press freedom is under fire in Africa’s youngest country, where a conflict between
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Video: My Song: Myko Ouma's jazzed-up lullaby of hope

A lullaby he heard after visiting his family in northern Uganda inspired jazz guitarist Myko Ouma to write ‘Aluru’.

Article: Laurent Gbabgo, 2015 presidential hopeful?

Ivorian president Alassane Ouattara was in Paris for much of last month for surgery related to sciatica. He’s due back home on Sunday.


Zimbabwe’s president just turned 90. What a perfect occasion for him to follow the latest Facebook fad and release a sweet little montage of his favourite photos and posts.

Article: In Gulu, a brother's search for his missing sister

A northern Ugandan man has spent the last nine years looking for his sister. Strange though it may sound, his only hope is that she was taken by Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army. By Gladys Oroma, Gulu

Article: Conflict on DRC, Zambia border threatens regional trade

Although traffic at the DRC, Zambia border post of Kasumbalesa has returned to normal following the death of two truckers at the beginning of 2014, many say they fear for their lives. By Eprahim Nsingo, Lusaka

Article: Zimbabwean villagers cornered by flood disaster

For 47-year-old terminally ill Artwell Mandava from Mwenezi district in Zimbabwe’s Masvingo Province, reaching the nearest clinic in his area has become impossible, rendered so by two flooded rivers lying between his village and acces

Article: My Song: Ammara Brown on 'More Sugar Daddy'

Zimbabwe’s Afro-fusion singer Ammara Brown sees it happening more and more: women falling in love with so-called sugar daddies.

Cartoon of the week
Congo (Kinshasa) Congo (Kinshasa) Article: A death of a journalist

Article: A death of a journalist

Last week, radio journalist Germain Kennedy Muliwavyo (30) was killed in an ambush while covering military operations of government forces in eastern Congo.

Article: South Africa: 'Bafana Bafana' vs ‘Mandela Magic’

If South Africa's governance continues on its current path, the country faces a "Bafana Bafana" scenario in which it remains a "perennial underachiever, always playing in the second league", says a local think tank.

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Naija's most extrovert evangelical preacher, Pastor Azuike, hits the...
My Song: Kuku pleads for Goodluck Jonathan's compassion
Nigerian musician Kuku remembers watching news coverage of Occupy...