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Sunday 20 April  
What's Up Africa
What's Up Africa


For many people, despite huge economic growth across the continent, the African Union is not doing enough to tackle the challenges facing Africans today. It's almost as if Africa's leaders treat the
Cartoon of the week
Cartoon of the week

The Passion of the African Christ

Many Christians are concluding their observation of Holy Week, which culminates in Jesus' crucifixion and death. Cartoonist Damien Glez imagined what the scene might have looked like had it occurred
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Article: Freedom of expression in Rwanda 20 years after the genocide

Rwandan media reflects less diversity of thought than ever, according to this opinion piece. By Steve Terrill, Kampala

Article: Young Rwandan poet with a message of courage and hope

Sixteen-year-old Annick Gikundiro from Kigali writes poetry and gives readings to bring a message of courage and hope to young Rwandans.

Article: What do Rwandans see when they look in the mirror?

Cartoonist Glez reflects on the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, in which hundreds of thousands (some say a million) Tutsis and moderate Hutus were slaughtered by members of the Hutu majority. ​  Who is Glez?

Article: South Africa: President Zuma denies accusations of misuse of public funds

South Africa President Jacob Zuma has responded to the controversy over the spending of 17 million euros in government money on his private country estate by declaring: "I never did anything wrong."

Video: My Song: Kuku pleads for Goodluck Jonathan's compassion

Nigerian musician Kuku remembers watching news coverage of Occupy Nigeria like it was yesterday. The oil subsidies removal in 2011 led to one of the country’s biggest demonstrations in recent years.

Article: West Africa: Shipping industry calls for joint action on piracy

West Africa's coastal states need to step up co-ordination to beat the growing incidence of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, says an international maritime organisation. As published by our partner

Article: Interview: Liberia President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on the future of the country

In her second and final six-year term as Liberia's president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has continued a heavy schedule of international travel, despite seemingly intractable challenges at home.

Claudine Rubenga with an artificial diastema between her two upper scissors
Congo (Kinshasa) Congo (Kinshasa) Article: DRC: A beautiful smile at all cost

Article: DRC: A beautiful smile at all cost

In Goma, the ancient practice known as teeth filing still exists among young girls in search of a radiant smile. But some of them do regret having mutilated their teeth. By Thierry Kayandi, Goma

Article: Ivory Coast's middle class: growing or disappearing?

“I’m middle class. Definitively,” says Sonia Anoh, a young and independent 30-year-old Ivorian.

Article: Speak UP: Making the best of power cuts in Nigeria

Power outages are widespread in Africa, and Port Harcourt, Nigeria, is no exception. Electricity cuts definitely makes life less convenient.

Video highlights

My Song: Mista Poa's dreams for a better DR Congo
Eastern DRC has long been wrought by armed conflicts, killing and...
Naija's most extrovert evangelical preacher, Pastor Azuike, hits the...