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Wednesday 16 April  
Kigali, Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda

Rwanda's reconciliation and press freedom: a work in progress

Our blogger in Kigali responds to recent media commentary on Rwanda's lack of civil and political development. By Sunny Ntayombya, Kigali
Urban farming: cushioning food insecurities
Urban farming: cushioning food insecurities
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's urban farmers combat food insecurity - illegally

Residents in Bulawayo's high density urban suburbs have taken to farming vacant plots of land after last year’s unexpected rains, thereby cushioning themselves against rising food costs and
Love or money?
Love or money?
Lagos, Nigeria
Lagos, Nigeria

Speak UP: Chop my money

They say money can’t buy you love. But in Nigeria, it can get you the flashy car, nice clothes and fancy meals that can be just as thrilling. Maybe that explains why young Nigerian women are going for
Former pastoralist Dima Wario from the village Rupa is now a farmer.
Former pastoralist Dima Wario from the village Rupa is now a farmer.
Isiolo County, Kenya
Isiolo County, Kenya

Kenya's pastoralists show their green thumbs

For more than a decade Dima Wario from Rupa, a village in northern Kenya, escaped death and watched helplessly as many in his community died in a spate of natural disasters and fatal clashes over receding
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Claudine Rubenga with an artificial diastema between her two upper scissors
Congo (Kinshasa) Congo (Kinshasa) Article: DRC: A beautiful smile at all cost

Article: DRC: A beautiful smile at all cost

In Goma, the ancient practice known as teeth filing still exists among young girls in search of a radiant smile. But some of them do regret having mutilated their teeth. By Thierry Kayandi, Goma

Article: Speak UP: Making the best of power cuts in Nigeria

Power outages are widespread in Africa, and Port Harcourt, Nigeria, is no exception. Electricity cuts definitely makes life less convenient.

Article: Ivory Coast's middle class: growing or disappearing?

“I’m middle class. Definitively,” says Sonia Anoh, a young and independent 30-year-old Ivorian.

Article: And then there was light: the turbines of Peres

The hydroelectric dams hand-built by Peres Niyonsaba have provided dozens of households in his district with electricity. The 33-year-old Burundian student now plans to extend his project to other provinces.

Article: Nigerian anti-corruption agency enmeshed in corruption scandal

The Code of Conduct Tribunal, an anti-corruption agency established to check corrupt practices in Nigerian’s public service, is currently enmeshed in scandal, as its past and present leaders have been accused of spates of corruption,


The Ethiopian government uses surveillance technology to spy on political rivals, reports Human Rights Watch. Rwanda's President Paul Kagame has been accused of ordering extra-judicial assassinations. Cue James Bondu...

Article: A dubious arrival for African leaders at the EU-Africa Summit

The fourth European Union-Africa Summit is scheduled to take place on 2 and 3 April in Brussels. Peace, security, investment, climate change and migration are all on the agenda. That is, if the event takes place…

Article: Being a lesbian in Uganda now

A month has passed since President Yoweri Museveni signed Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act.


Do Nigerians bleed green and white?! In this last episode in a trio brought to you from the streets of Lagos, Ikenna asks just the right questions to reveal people’s true colours. Matchy-matchy patriotic or open to other palettes?

Article: President Jonathan commits to a secure nuclear future in Nigeria

Nigeria is committed to negotiations on a “multi-lateral and internationally and effectively verifiable treaty banning the production of fissile materials for nuclear weapons”, said President Goodluck Jonathan at the Nuclea

Video highlights

My Song: Kuku pleads for Goodluck Jonathan's compassion
Nigerian musician Kuku remembers watching news coverage of Occupy...
The Ethiopian government uses surveillance technology to spy on political...