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Monday 21 April  
President Mugabe at Zanu-PF's national conference in Gweru on 7 December

Bridges with Africa - Radio show: Zimbabwe's crackdown on corruption

On air: 14 December 2012 10:00 - 21 December 2012 23:55 (Photo: AFP)

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President Robert Mugabe says it's time to purge Zimbabwe of corruption, particularly among government officials. This week’s Bridges with Africa reports on that story, brings you beats from Nigerian rappers and Ghanaian musician Kae Sun and looks at how illegal Chinese workers are upsetting natives in Ghana.

Listen to the full show by clicking on the play button immediately below. For highlights, click on the clips that follow.


Are Mugabe's words sincere or mere lip service? Here's an analysis of the anti-corruption proclamation.


Zimbabwe analyst and professor Robert Schrire from the University of Cape Town had this to say.


Politically conscious rappers in Jos have bigger aspirations than making people dance.


Ghanaian farmers say illegal Chinese miners are a threat to their livelihoods. Natives want their government to take action.



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