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Tuesday 29 July  

Africa in Progress - Radio show: Waiting to say "I do"

On air: 27 December 2012 16:00 - 3 January 2013 23:55 (Photo: Flickr/Muriel215)

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More and more couples in Africa delay getting married. Why is that? Are young people too busy furthering their educations and building careers to tie the knot? Are weddings simply too expensive?

This edition of Africa in Progress looks into just what's keeping young Africa from entering into formal unions. The show was originally published on our website on 8 August 2011.

Guests: Dr. Mtange, John Gacheru (Kenya)
Obiora Nesisanya (Nigeria)

Producer: Winnie Onyimbo (Nairobi) with contributions from King James Yiye (Abuja)

Duration: 29’54




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