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Thursday 21 August  
Left to right: artist Maurice Hasa, a Reach a Hand fan, HIV activist Humphrey Na

Africa in Progress - Radio show: Uganda’s tumtum drum

On air: 20 December 2012 17:15 - 27 December 2012 23:55 (Photo: Sandesh Bhugaloo)

More about:

Not only did Humphrey Nabimanya’s parents both die of AIDS, but so did his surrogate father. And for a long time, the hugely popular TV host and peer educator believed he himself was HIV-positive. 

In this edition of Africa in Progress, we speak with Nabimanya about life before and after his revelational medical test. Plus, we learn how he gets young Ugandans to talk openly about sex and HIV/AIDS. After all, youth in Africa are the among the most vulnerable to new infections. Yet the usual one-size-fits-all approach to HIV/AIDS education rarely reaches them.

Guest: Humphrey Nabimanya (Uganda)

Producer: Winnie Onyimbo

Duration: 28’50


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