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Friday 31 October  
IRDS volunteer explains female condom at HIV awareness event in India, June 2012

Africa in Progress - Radio show: Revisiting a discussion on the female condom

On air: 29 November 2012 23:00 - 7 December 2012 23:00 (Photo: AFP)

More about:

The female condom is a safe and effective method for preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Though widely used in some countries, it is unknown in others.

In a round table discussion, women from four African countries consider its advantages and disadvantages. Their conclusion is that women should have the right to choose the form of protection that best suits them and their partners.

This edition of Africa in Progress was originally published on our website on 11 January 2010. 

Guests: Evince Mugumbate (Zimbabwe)
Victoria Archibong (Nigeria)
Vastha Kibirige (Uganda)
Bernice Heloo (Ghana)

Presenter: Hélène Michaud

Duration: 29'59




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