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Thursday 28 August  
Taking care of relatives beyond the nuclear family is common in most African cul

Africa in Progress - Radio show: Familiar burdens

On air: 17 October 2012 11:45 - 24 October 2012 11:45 (Photo: Flickr / waterdotor)

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Taking care of relatives beyond the nuclear family is common in most African cultures. No matter how poor they may be, young working people are expected to share in the financial support of the extended relatives who played an important role in raising and educating them.

So something that holds all hopes for the young African – a job – brings with it an even heavier burden.
What options exist for these young income earners? Should they ignore their relatives’ expectations as they create their own nuclear families, grow their careers and try to save for the future?

Or should they sacrifice their dreams to support those who once supported them? Today we find out how the extended family may be both a blessing and a burden to young Africans.

Guests: Bruce Tushabe (Uganda), Ebrima Sall (Senegal/Gambia), Mama Eunice Ayenge Moji (Nigeria)

Duration: 28’29

Producer: Winnie Onyimbo (Kenya) With additional reporting by King James Yiye ( Nigeria), Victor Kaonga (Malawi) and Hélène Michaud (Netherlands) 

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