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Tuesday 22 July  
Children on 29 November with their chukudu bikes in Sake, eastern DRC

Bridges with Africa - Radio show: Déjà vu for DRC children?

On air: 30 November 2012 12:00 - 7 December 2012 23:55 (Photo: AFP)

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Will history in the DRC repeat itself? There are fears that it will, with reports of Congolese children and grown men being forced to fight for M23 rebels. This week's Bridges with Africa focuses on that situation and also brings you stories on a new female condom, urine as a viable energy source and the music of Tresor. Listen to the full show by clicking on the play button immediately below. For highlights, click on the clips that follow.


The League for Congolese Solidarity (Ligue pour la Solidarité Congolaise) registers 35 missing children in the area of Goma. Listen to what the NGO's spokesperson, Kastro Kakule, had to say.


Goma-born musician Tresor now lives in Durban, where he's gained the epithet "the soulful voice from the heart of Africa". Here's our interview with him, along with samples from his treasure of tunes.


A new female condom is giving women in Ghana more control over their bodies. Will it help curb the spread of HIV/AIDS? Here's our report.


Pee power! Listen to how schoolgirls in Lagos discovered that urine can replace traditional fuel to run back-up generators.


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