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Tuesday 21 October  
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Africa in Progress

This radio programme is for Africans who want to expand their horizons. Inspiring guest speakers in round table discussions and in-depth interviews give listeners food for thought. 
Jane Goodall at a talk at the World Bank's Preston Auditorium on 12 April 2011

Radio Show: Jane Goodall, defender of all primates

Jane Goodall is our guest in this edition of Africa in Progress. The renowned British primatologist and activist, now 79, has taught the world so much about the social lives of chimpanzees.

Mandela, then a recently released ANC leader, in Soweto on 17 February 1990

Radio Show: Nelson Mandela, an audio retrospective

His life was long, hard, fulfilling and at times very lonely. But now Nelson Mandela has moved on to join his elders. The former South African president’s death was announced Thursday. He was 95. R...

Child in class at Young Tajudeen Agbangudu Primary School in Agbangudu

Radio Show: What's getting in the way of education in Africa?

Education is a responsibility that society owes to itself, we may all agree on that. But how can we improve young people’s access to learning – and succeeding – on a continent challenged by overcrowded clas...

Dudu Manhenga

Radio Show: Zimbabwean star Dudu Manhenga: "I call my music Afro jazz fusion"

Already at an early age Zimbabwean Afro jazz superstar Dud Mahenga knew what she wanted in life: to become famous. "I knew I was destined for greatness." She also knew she didn't want to be poor. It's safe to sa...

Warlords Thomas Lubanga (seen left) and Joseph Kony

Radio Show: One warlord jailed, another still at large

In this programme we discuss the fate of the two warlords: one has been convicted by an international court, the other has escaped justice so far.

A demonstration of sorghum, a grass species that is one of Ethiopia’s main crops

Radio Show: Conserving species, preserving humankind

There’s wide consensus that protecting nature and maintaining biodiversity are crucial. But how are environmental campaigns to this effect handled in African communities where essential species are also economic mainstays?...

A member of the Sudanese Businesswomen's Association.

Radio Show: A Sudanese businesswoman on rising to the challenges

African businesswomen often face predictable problems when in a leadership position –with  the most common obstacleperhaps being how to best manage male employees…...

A woman farms the land in the Forika IDP camp in Gereida, South Darfur

Radio Show: An Africa where women also command the land

In some African societies, when a man dies, his wife is stripped of her right to inherit ancestral land. What’s more, she herself gets circulated as a piece of property. So, how would Africa be if women were given equal acc...

Glasses that'll fit anyone

Radio Show: Glasses that'll fit anyone

Not being able to see properly can have a great impact on people’s lives. As many as 1 billion people worldwide need glasses, but don’t have them. In this edition of Africa in Progress we hear about tw...


Radio Show: African photographers focus on the city

A bright generation of photographers is emerging on the continent. They are mainly interested in capturing people’s lives in the ever growing megacities. In this edition of Africa in Progress, Nigerian...

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Liza Kamizazi’s gift to Rwanda’s next generation
When Rwandan singer Liza Kamikazi was about to adopt a baby boy, she was...
My Song: N'kash the fearless albino rapper
For many people living with albinism the situation in some parts of Africa...
My Song: Facing the roaring lion
Yves Nzeyimana Kana, lead singer of Afro-rock band Trezzor from Rwanda,...