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Wednesday 22 October  
Hilversum, Netherlands
Hilversum, Netherlands

About RNW Africa

Published on : 1 January 2009 - 10:00am | By RNW Africa Desk (RNW Africa Desk)
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RNW's Africa Desk brings you African news, analysis and background stories.  More...

Who are we?
The Africa Desk includes fourteen members of staff both from Europe and Africa. What they have in common is that they have all lost their journalistic heart to the African continent. In addition to the editorial department in Hilversum, there are also correspondents and partner stations in Africa itself contributing to the range of programmes and improving Radio Netherlands' network in Africa.
What do we do?
Our website provides news and background: on Africa, the African diaspora, the Netherlands and the rest of the world. The website has recently undergone a multimedial revolution, in which the availability of video and audio reports has increased.
We also produce two radio programmes in English:  'Bridges With Africa' and 'Africa in Progress'. 'Bridges with Africa' is a current affairs magazine which targets an urban audience, between 20-40 years old. A group that is familiar with new media, internet and mobile phones. Our topical, indepth programme 'Africa in Progress' aims for an slightly older audience, aged between 30-60.
Mission and values
Millions of Africans are still deprived of independent and reliable information. RNW's Africa Desk aims to fulfil this need. At the same time we want to encourage interaction between our partners and producers in Africa.
We explain the connections between events in different parts of the continent and draw attention to new trends and developments. Also, we provide our listeners, readers and viewers with the opportunity to have their say. Consequently, the mixture of news, information, and 'informative amusement' on our website is refreshingly different.
We are constantly on the look out for more partners stations to broadcast our radio programmes 'Bridges with Africa' and 'Africa in progress'. There are plans for joint ventures with media partners in various African countries. Apart from partners in broadcasting we are also interested in other media partners, such as websites with which we can share content .

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