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Tuesday 29 July  
Showing items for Thumbs Up Africa on RNW

Article: Thumbs Up Africa blog 14: Hello, Cape Town!

This past October, we started our hitchhiking trip from Groningen with a cardboard...

Article: Thumbs Up Africa blog 13: Wonders of nature

When I enter Zimbabwe, the most beautiful scene awaits: Victoria Falls. Their...

Article: Thumbs Up Africa blog 11: Signs of swag

It’s funny (or sad): when you tell people you’re going to Africa, most of...

Article: Thumbs Up Africa blog 8: All roads lead to China

We hitch a ride with a group of Ethiopian engineers and they give us shelter. Next thing...

Article: Thumbs Up Africa blog 6: Inshallah

Inshallah is what they say here, meaning if Allah wills it, or it is in...

Article: Thumbs Up Africa blog 5: The Sudanese brothers

Sudan has been the stage for long-running conflicts and dramatic desertification,...
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Video highlights

My Song: Dropping rhymes to promote girl power
At age 7, Congolese rapper Oracle was forced to leave her parental home in...
My Song: Patience Musa's road to self-discovery
After going through disappointing relationships with friends and business...
Boko Haram's attacks across Nigeria continue relentlessly. Their brazen...