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Tuesday 22 July  
Showing items for African diaspora on RNW

Article: Curaçao searches for its African roots

The island of Curaçao, in the Caribbean is showing growing interest in its...

Radio programme: Africa in Progress

This radio programme is for Africans who want to expand their horizons. Inspiring guest speakers...

Radio Show: Waka Waka... What was FIFA thinking? (11 June 2010)

In this week's edition: Stealing music for football.... - The Dutch held their snap election on...

Article: Ghanaians in Amsterdam celebrate

A pint of beer on my lap, I’m waiting for my chicken. I am in a Ghanaian...
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My Song: Patience Musa's road to self-discovery
After going through disappointing relationships with friends and business...
Boko Haram's attacks across Nigeria continue relentlessly. Their brazen...