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Friday 25 April  
Showing items for DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) on RNW

Video: My Song: Mista Poa's dreams for a better DR Congo

Eastern DRC has long been wrought by armed conflicts, killing and displacing hundreds of...

Article: A missed point in the Katanga verdict

Guilty of murder and directing attacks on civilians but not of sexual violence or the...

Article: A death of a journalist

Last week, radio journalist Germain Kennedy Muliwavyo (30) was killed in an ambush while...

Article: Africa's billions that the poor can't touch

With its two trillion-dollar economy, recent discoveries of billions of dollars...

Article: Kigali, when Bosco Ntaganda turned himself in

Every Saturday, we publish a cartoon by an African cartoonist. The African suspects at...

Article: My Song: Alicios Theluji on 'Mpita njia'

My Song showcases the personal stories behind the songs of Africa’s most...

Article: M23 goes out of business

M23, the Congolese rebel group, gave up fighting last week. They and the Congolese...
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Video highlights

Naija's most extrovert evangelical preacher, Pastor Azuike, hits the...
My Song: Kuku pleads for Goodluck Jonathan's compassion
Nigerian musician Kuku remembers watching news coverage of Occupy...