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Sunday 26 October  

Sharia should be 'main' source of Libya legislation: NTC

Published on 5 July 2012 - 3:22pm
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Libya's outgoing National Transitional Council said on Thursday that Islamic law should be the "main" source of legislation and that this principle should not be subject to a referendum.

"The Libyan people are attached to Islam, as a religion and legislation... As such the National Transitional Council recommends that the (next) congress make Sharia the main source of legislation.

"And this should not be subject to a referendum," NTC spokesman Saleh Daroub told journalists in Tripoli.

Libyans are on track to vote on Saturday for a General National Congress, which will be tasked with appointing a new government and a constituent authority.

The constitution needs to be approved in a national referendum, under a transition framework laid out by the NTC which took power from slain leader Moamer Kadhafi last year.

  • Libyan women stand in front of a mural painted in the colours of the ...
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