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Tuesday 30 September  

Dutch PM criticised over Europe

Published on 29 June 2012 - 4:46pm
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Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has come under criticism for supporting joint European supervision of banks.

Christian Democrat leader Sybrand van Haersma Buma said on Dutch public Radio One “Rutte allowed himself to be taken by surprise”. The Christian Democrats are currently coalition partners with Mr Rutte's conservative VVD in the caretaker government.

In Brussels, European leaders have decided on direct support for banks from a European fund under strict conditions, something the prime minister formerly opposed says Mr Buma. He criticised the PM for not saying anything about the possibility in parliament in a debate on the matter last Wednesday. During the debate, the prime minister was asked to clarify his position on Europe. The fund will only be operational when European supervision is in place.

Socialist Party leader Emile Roemer also expressed his surprise at the decision, as he says it goes against what the prime minister told parliament previously.

Prime Minister Rutte passes the criticism from the various parties off as electoral rhetoric. “I have worked hard for the Netherlands. I’ll start thinking about the election in August.” He explained the Netherlands should be pleased that banks will come under European supervision. It breaks through the vicious circle between banks and governments in Europe, as a European fund means national governments will no longer lose control of their spending after having to step in to prevent banks collapsing.


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