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Saturday 1 November  

DR Congo announces arrest of Rwandan troops

Published on 11 December 2012 - 6:36pm
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The DR Congo's army arrested about 10 Rwandan soldiers along with Congolese rebels of the M23 movement before they captured the city of Goma last month, a government spokesman said Tuesday.

Lambert Mende said the detained men included "about 10 Rwandans with a few Congolese" from M23. "They were arrested in Kibumba and around Goma during the fighting (...) before the seizure of Goma," he added.

The regional capital of North Kivu province fell into the hands of the M23 rebels on November 20 after fighting with the regular army. The rebels pulled out of the major northeastern town on December 1 under pressure from a regional grouping of countries.

Since the beginning of the M23 rebellion by former army mutineers, the Congolese authorities have denounced alleged support for the mainly Tutsi movement by neighbouring Rwanda. Reports by UN experts gave substance to these charges and also implicated Uganda, which also borders on eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Kigali and Kampala governments have denied any backing for M23, which consists mainly of former members of the rebel National Congress for the Defence of the People (CNDP), which signed a peace pact with Kinshasa in March 2009. M23 accuses Kinshasa of failing to follow through with this accord.

When Goma fell into the hands of the rebels, a second UN report denounced support for M23 in men and logistics by Rwanda and Uganda. Rwanda again rejected the allegations. Uganda is currently hosting peace talks between M23 and the Kinshasa government.

  • M23 rebels withdraw from Goma, in eastern DR Congo, on December 1. Twenty ...
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