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Saturday 25 October  

Breivik claims collaboration with two cells

Published on 25 July 2011 - 9:19pm
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A court in Oslo has questioned Anders Breivik behind closed doors for half an hour. During the hearing, the suspect said there were ‘two more cells in his organisation’. It is not clear whether he meant to say that he had accomplices.

Breivik told the judge that he was responsible for the shooting on Utøya island and the bomb attack on government buildings in Oslo. However, he did not plead guilty because he claims to believe his actions were necessary to save Norway and Western Europe as a whole from being taken over by Muslims. Breivik said he wanted to create the greatest loss possible for Norway's governing Labour Party, which he accused of being responsible for the 'large number' of Muslim immigrants in the country.

The judge charged Breivik with the destabilisation of vital functions of society, including government, and causing serious fear in the population. The accused was remanded in custody for eight weeks, the first four of which to be spent in full isolation.

In Norway, the maximum prison sentence for acts of terror is 21 years, but those who are perceived as posing a continued danger to society may be detained for longer terms.

The court hearing took place behind closed doors to deny Anders Breivik a platform to spread his extremist right-wing ideology, which focuses on the alleged Marxist and Muslim 'colonisation' of Europe.

Dutch national intelligence service
In his manifesto, which he published on the internet, Breivik claims to be a member of a larger European network of revolutionary activists, the PCCTS, or 'Knights Templar Europe'. The name refers to an religious order of mediaeval knights who took part in the crusades.

The Dutch national intelligence service AIVD has refused to comment on whether this organisation is known in the Netherlands. The AIVD did say that it is assisting the Norwegian police with their investigation.

Death toll
The Norwegian authorities have adjusted the death toll in Friday’s double terror attack down from 93 to 76. Sixty-eight people were killed on Utøya island and not 86 as initially announced by the authorities. The bomb attack in Oslo is now known to have claimed the lives of eight people.


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Uddiyan Magar 29 March 2012 - 6:39am

neat column I am thankful to visit your blog

howardtlewisiii 9 August 2011 - 11:38pm / U.S.A.

Being a sneaky knife-in-the-back pays. See Israel. See most every other financially successful nation. The aggression is publically seen to be of unknown or undecided origins. Counter-offensive strategy thus needs to be further justified.
Here we have a 'right-wing radical free mason with blah-blah-blah'. He is given a suit. He is PHOTOGRAPHED proudly showing off his free mason uniform which demonstrates fealty to traditional England. England is bust and top-heavy with every type of drone. England's bully-boys in the U.S.A. have done well in coercing America into doing a big chunk of England's military chores to America's detriment, as well as excessive financial support which takes its toll. But, it is not enough. All the treachery in the world will not find support for the old grandeur of England forthcoming.
Was Anders Beirvik's deed simply an old school attack using contemporary weaponry against Norway for future resource access, by a lone crack-pot, or planned by right-wingers loyal to the Grand Patron with a light prison sentence for Beirvik and eventual more direct English resource access to Norway's oil the end game? A return to traditional power structure with representative leadership a ghost in the past?
JFK and Lady Diane Spencer's lives were snuffed out with such total disregard for politesse. This recent tradgedy reads like overly desperate football teams whose activity is controlled by the league, whose motivation is money, with no regard for the sanctity of life. Who brandishes the sword with such arrogance and makes such preparations?

eslaporte 26 July 2011 - 2:43am

Some of us knew this day would come. We actually expected a bombing of a mosque in the UK by the EDL.
Also - you simply cannot accuse a group of people of "taking over our country" and "bringing about a violent ideology (Islam)" -- and talk in these apocalyptic terms about Muslims as Geert Wilders has -- and not expect someone with a few screws loose to not take action.
Quite frankly - if you believe in "islamisation" and "Eurabia" you are either ignorant or mentally ill. There is NO "Islamisation" going on, in Europe or America. There is NO "islamisering" of the Netherlands -- and "Muslim takeover" of the Netherlands is a myth that there is NO evidence to support. The Netherlands is NOT under threat from Muslims, and anyone who know basic facts about Muslims groups in the Netherlands can see that!

Whether the Islamophobes promote violence openly or not, the fact remains that they want to ring about policies that are the equal of violence, as well as undemocratic. Banning the Koran, closing Islamic schools, changing the country constitution to make Muslims second class citizens are not only a form of violence -- but are exactly what Hitler did to the German Jews.
I also knew how dangerous Geert Wilders was, and still is, as he is the most radicalized individual in the Western world. So as long as Wilders is allowed to freely travel around, he can continue to travel to radicalize others to his dangerous Islamophobic ideology. Wilders is possibly in the background of violence against American Muslims. Leaders of other countries can also start by banning Geert Wilders from setting foot on their soil.

The only good that can come out of this horrible loss of young, promising lives is that Europeans will now wake up and LEARN that "Islamisation" if a hateful myth and just how radical and dangerous Wilders and the PVV are. The only good that can come out of this senseless act of violence is the beginning of the end of the PVV and Wilders hateful career. The only good thing out of this horrible violence is the liberation of the Netherlands from this PVV Sword of Damocles.

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