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Friday 24 October  
Men carrying bodies during the 1994 Rwandan genocide
Hilversum, Netherlands
Hilversum, Netherlands

Rwandan massacre suspect to sue human rights organisation

Published on : 6 May 2010 - 11:12am | By RNW Africa Desk (Photo: EPA)
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The lawyer of ex-Rwandan army chief Pierre-Claver Karangwa has decided to take both the human rights organisation African Rights and Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad to court.

The lawyer, Jan Hofdijk, told Radio Netherlands Worldwide that the former major is demanding rectification for an article that alleges he played a leading role in the Rwandan genocide in 1994.

Listen below to RNW's interview with Jan Hofdijk:


NRC Handelsblad last week published an article in which it said Mr Karangwa was allegedly responsible for the Mugina church massacre and funding Hutu militias.

The former major is an official Dutch citizenship since 2004 and still lives in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Daily NRC has refused to issue a rectification. The newspaper says its report was based on several sources, including the Rwandan ministry of justice and the human rights organisations African Rights and Redress. They say the former major instigated Hutus to massacre Tutsis.

Mr Karangwa says he is the victim of a campaign by Rwandan President Paul Kagame to blacken his name. According to him the president wants to silence his opposition.

The lawyer will file a complaint this Thursday, which he hopes will restore his client's reputation.


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