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Saturday 1 November  
A Bulusambu youth protests the proposed dam on the River Manafwa
Bulusambu, Uganda
Bulusambu, Uganda

One dam too far

Published on : 26 November 2012 - 5:00am | By RNW Africa Desk (Photo: Joseph Wanzusi)
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It’s been an intense past month for residents of Bulusambu in Uganda’s Mbale district. Some villagers here have literally taken up arms as they protest the proposed construction of a dam on the River Manafwa. 

By Joseph Wanzusi, Bulusambu

The irrigation project is estimated to cost 55 billion shillings (16 million euros), which Uganda Radio Network reports is being jointly funded by the Swedish government, the Norwegian government and the World Bank.

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 A section of the population has since taken the Ugandan government to court, alleging that the government wants to grab ancestral land. Clashes also erupted between residents from the sub-counties of Busoba and Busiu. 

RNW captured these images On 27 October and 3 November.

  • Anti-riot police personnel were deployed in Busoba, as dam protests got underway<br>&copy; Photo: Joseph Wanzusi -
  • Police addressed Busiu residents, who claimed government wanted to land-grab <br>&copy; Photo: Joseph Wanzusi -
  • A protestor held this placard<br>&copy; Photo: Joseph Wanzusi -
  • A banana plantation was allegedly cut down by opponents of the dam<br>&copy; Photo: Joseph Wanzusi -
  • Bulusambu villagers held crude weapons at a government meeting<br>&copy; Photo: Joseph Wanzusi -
  • Residents armed themselves with machetes, spears and arrows, protesting near the dam site<br>&copy; Photo: Joseph Wanzusi -
  • The proposed dam on the River Manafwa seems to have enraged old and young<br>&copy; Photo: Joseph Wanzusi -


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