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Saturday 25 October  
A man stands near a gully created by a stream.
Bududa, Uganda
Bududa, Uganda

Despite unstable grounds, Mt Elgon landslide survivors return

Published on : 27 March 2013 - 6:00am | By RNW Africa Desk (Photo: Joseph Wanzusi)
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Out of despair, frustration and loyalty to their ancestral land, some villagers have begun to move back to landslide-prone areas along the slopes of Mount Elgon in eastern Uganda. But as the rainy season draws near, they seem almost oblivious to the unstable grounds.

By Joseph Wanzusi, Bududa

When a landslide struck Bududa district last June, it buried homes and killed villagers. Survivors were evacuated from the areas and the Ugandan government promised to resettle hundreds to safer locations. But eight months later, that hasn't happened. The people have grown tired of living in tent compounds. As these photos taken on 12 March may suggest, they long to be back home.

  • People have begun returning to unstable ground where several houses were buried by the landslide in Bududa district. <br>&copy; Photo: Joseph Wanzusi -
  • Difasi Kutosi, 16, outside the tent he and his parents have stayed in since their home in Bumwalukani Parish was destroyed. His parents plan to return to the landslide-prone area.<br>&copy; Photo: Joseph Wanzusi -
  • Residents of Bumwalukani Parish have been staying in tents to look after goats provided to them by a charitable organization. <br>&copy; Photo: Joseph Wanzusi -
  • This is Ismael Bwaya and one of his three wives who survived the landslide.<br>&copy; Photo: Joseph Wanzusi -
  • They decided to erect a tent on the very spot where the landslide buried their three houses.<br>&copy; Photo: Joseph Wanzusi -
  • This woman, one of many awaiting resettlement, tends to her only goat at her parents’ home in Nangara village.<br>&copy; Photo: Joseph Wanzusi -
  • People prepare tree seedlings to plant in landslide-prone areas. The community formed an environmental management association.<br>&copy; Photo: Joseph Wanzusi -
  • This woman plants special grass brought in from Kenya to help curb soil erosion, believed to cause landslides on Mount Elgon.<br>&copy; Photo: Joseph Wanzusi -
  • A woman and her children walk the unstable grounds where homes were buried by the landslide. Her hopes for resettlement fade. <br>&copy; Photo: Joseph Wanzusi -


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