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Sunday 20 April  
What's Up Africa
What's Up Africa


For many people, despite huge economic growth across the continent, the African Union is not doing enough to tackle the challenges facing Africans today. It's almost as if Africa's leaders treat the
Cartoon of the week
Cartoon of the week

The Passion of the African Christ

Many Christians are concluding their observation of Holy Week, which culminates in Jesus' crucifixion and death. Cartoonist Damien Glez imagined what the scene might have looked like had it occurred
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Article: Burundi's interethnic relations: a shift in perception

For Burundi's Hutus and Tutsis, past decades have been marked by civil wars and massacres. This antagonism has long made interethnic marriage almost impossible. But now a new generation is showing a change in perception…

Article: Boko Haram's take on Palm Sunday

A week before Easter marks Palm Sunday for Christians. On the holy day, churches often hand out palm leaves to their parishioners.


Naija's most extrovert evangelical preacher, Pastor Azuike, hits the streets of Lagos one last time. This time he visits the home of a Nigerian internet entrepreneur: Mrs Iheoma Obibi.

Article: Landmines kill hundreds of villagers in Zimbabwe

Landmines have killed and maimed hundreds of Zimbabweans as inadequate resources and a lack of political will continue to hamper demining efforts. By Nomalanga Moyo, as published by our partner SW Radio

Article: African youth don't fancy unglamorous farming

Ketsela Negatu is the son of an Ethiopian goat farmer living close to the country's capital, Addis Ababa, who refuses to follow in his father's footsteps.

Article: Two decades after genocide: which way have you gone, Rwanda?

Twenty years ago, the downing of the plane of the president of Rwanda catalyzed the horrific events that have become known as the Rwandan genocide.

Article: Speak UP! Shisha swag in Kampala

Shisha smoking shows a new type of swag in Uganda. Ask young Kampalans who can often be found smoking this tobacco product, also known as hookah, during an evening with friends.

Article: Mali: Big leap in confidence in country's future

The return of democracy and peace to a large part of Mali has generated a complete turnaround in public confidence in the country's future, according to a new opinion survey by Afrobarometer.

Article: Interview: The Mozambican bishop who smashed guns at the altar

The longest-serving Anglican bishop in the world, Bishop Dinis Sengulane of Lebombo, a church diocese which covers southern Mozambique, is to retire after nearly four decades ministry in that country.